“My husband and I are still very happy that Ayami was the photographer at our wedding. Not only did she capture fun memories, but also each picture contained all the feelings in the moment.  Even though the wedding was a couple of years ago when I look at pictures now, my memory and feelings become so fresh that I feel like the wedding happened yesterday.” – Yukiko & James from NY

“Ayami’s photography captures the spirit and heart of her subjects!”
“Ayami’s presence brings out the best in the people she is photographing!”
“Ayami captured moments at my live shows that I will treasure forever! Somehow, she is always in the right place at the right time… catching all the magic!”
“I feel that people who have never seen me perform live will get a MUCH better idea of what they are in for after seeing the photographs Ayami took!” – Lauren from NY

(“Ayami’s photography is like an impressionist painting that captures the moment as if it were a sketch and captures the true expressions of people with the background filled with beautiful colors”) – Yumiko from NY

“My partner and I loved the photo shoot that Ayami did for us in San Francisco and in Tahoe. We are both camera shy and Ayami made us feel at ease and comfortable. I can’t wait for her to come out to the West Coast again to capture more of us in the settings where we feel relaxed and happy. ” – Maggie & Philip, from San Francisco

“In the beginning, I was not sure how our photo would turn out, because we are not good at expressing our feelings for each other, especially not in front of other people.  Sahil is a little shy and camera conscious so I worried how Ayami would manage to take good photos. I was really surprised at the outcome.  Ayami is the kind of person who made us relax and feel comfortable.  It’s very important for a photographer to make the subjects feel comfortable, be themselves but also bring out their best qualities.  Ayami did that for us. Her photos reminded us of the time we first met. Thank you so much for the amazing photos.  We are looking forward to another session again someday!!” – Takako, from Jersey City