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Q.  I prefer sessions on weekend.  Are you available?

Yes.  Most of the sessions happen on weekends; as such, please book as early as possible.  I am also available during the work week.

Q.  Where is your studio located?

Pittsburg, California.  5 min away from Pittsburg Bart train station.

Q. When is the best time to book newborn photo session?

Newborn babies are best photographed between 7-10 days of birth, because it is easier to pose them.  Please book in advance if you are expecting a baby to guarantee availability.

Q.  When is the best time to book maternity photo session?

Ideally in the 7th or 8th month.  Please don’t wait until the last minute!  I had customers who waited until the week before they were due and ended up not having their photos taken because they went into labor a little early.

Q.  What’s your style?

I like to do both lifestyle and posed although I will be flexible to accommodate client needs.  My editing style generally yields clean and classic but warm images with a hint of vintage.

Q.  How many digital images can I view?

The number of images you can get depends on sessions.  Typically, I can show you 20~30 images from newborn studio session, 50-100 images for engagement, wedding portrait, and family sessions.

Q.  Do you shoot on location? 

Yes, I am also an on-location photographer; in addition, mobile (in-home) studio services are available for an additional fee.  I can bring a lighting setup and backgrounds to your location.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

Yes I do offer discounts for repeat customers and referrals.  Please ask.

Q. Do your packages include a print release?

Yes, all of my packages include print releases and you can print photos on your own.  I encourage you to ask about professional printing options.  The quality of professionally printed images is significantly better than what most people can do on their own.

Q.  When are photos available for viewing?

An online photo gallery will be ready in 10 days to 2 weeks after your session due to the editing time required unless special arrangements were made when booking your session.

Q.  Do you charge travel fees?

Travel fees to cover tolls and gas may apply outside of Bay area and San Francisco areas.  I do not generally charge for travel time.  Please ask for details.

Please note that client is responsible for transportation cost between locations during session.

Q.  Can the session be rescheduled if the weather is bad, etc.?

Sessions can be rescheduled in case of bad weather, illness, etc.

Q. When is payment due?  What forms of payment do you accept?

Portrait session fees are due on the day of the session.  I accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Q.  What should I wear for my photography session?

Please find a style that shows your personality and coordinate colors among family members.   Typically, avoid matching colors for best results.

For newborns, I have cute props such as hats, pants, tutus, diaper covers, etc. so you do not need to purchase anything.  If you have time to shop, etsy.com has many great accessories at reasonable prices.

For toddlers and children, it’s always nice to have some accessories such as hats, headbands, bow ties, etc.   Try to avoid overly busy patterns.   Favorite toys and stuffed animals can also be used as props.

Q. Can I change outfits during the session?

Yes. However, I recommend a maximum of 3 different outfits per 1.5 hours of shooting time because of the time it takes to get a sufficient number of images.  Photo shoots can be extended beyond 1.5 hours if you would like for an extra fee.

Q. Can I change locations during the session?

Yes as long as it is within a reasonable distance and we can cover all the locations in the time allotted for the session, which is typically 1.5 hours.  Photo shoots can be extended beyond 1.5 hours if you would like for an extra fee.

Please note that client is responsible for transportation cost between locations during session.

Q. Why should I buy prints from the photographer at a premium price? I just want digital images and have no need for printing.  Why do you always recommend prints of my images?

As we all know, you can print at home or at a drug store and often for a less than a dollar or two per image.  However, home printing and drug store photo labs offer nowhere near the quality of professional photo labs and your prints may quickly fade over time.  Ask me for a side-by-side comparison of print quality from a drug store lab and my professional lab—you will be amazed at the difference.  In addition, professional prints ordered through the photographer assure accurate color calibration resulting in great looking photos.

In addition, in my experience, prints and albums outlast digital images stored on a hard drive or USB stick.  There is no guarantee that these will work in 10 years (floppy disks have almost completely disappeared and CD-ROMs are on their way out), which means that digital images require maintenance over time to make sure they remain accessible.   On the other hand, many people still have family photos from years prior.  I even have photos from my great grandparents’ youth!

***Pricing is representative and for typical packages and therefore subject to change.  All services provided by Ayami Photo Arts LLC.